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About Us

In a world where the only direction petrol prices will go is up, we're passionate about promoting scooters as a cleaner, greener and cheaper alternative to gas guzzling SUV's. We've also proven that we can get to work faster in rush hour than our neighbours in their "tanks", and traffic is only going to get worse!


Scooters, with the exception of the classic Vespa, have previously been considered the 'poor mans bike', but rising fuel prices and discerning buyers have led to an explosion in scooter ranges available. At the same time fierce competition has advanced both styling and engineering, making the scooter experience safer, more comfortable and stylish, and far more user-friendly than ordinary bikes. Peugeot is a quality brand leader who are taking seriously the growing passion for scooters, while Sachs and TGB are more recent entrants offering economical quality and style.


Dealing with Scooterazzi will be a different experience than buying a scooter from a traditional motorbike shop, or from a lawnmower shop that also happens to sell scooters. We sell scooters because we're passionate about them, not as a side bar to our main products. When you buy from us we won't try to upsell you to a motorbike you didn't come in to look at. If you come in to get your scooter serviced we won't look down our noses at you...