Moto Guzzi Audace

Moto Guzzi

  • $29,999.00
  • Plus on road costs.


It attacks the asphalt and shows its charismatic personality with every detail, popular with bikers of character.
Few frills, elongated riding position, drag bar handlebars and muscular lines: this is the bike to ride alone, accompanied by the roar of the powerful engine, without a destination.
Ostentatious, muscular and fierce, the Moto Guzzi Audace can be picked out immediately by its front end, made stylistically lighter by the circular headlight unit and the carbon mudguard mounted on a fork without any telescope covering.
Audace has no chromium plating: every mechanical detail, each small exposed metallic part is dark as night, an ideal condition for fully enjoying a bike in solitude with the striking beauty of this new Moto Guzzi 1400cc.

Technical Data

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