Ural Gear Up 2WD Sidecar Rig


  • $38,963.83
  • NB: Additional on road costs may apply for new motorcycles and scooters.

The Legendary Gear Up 2WD Is Now in New Zealand.

2WD is available for the left hand sidecar for the first time.

Ural has won the hearts of adventurers around the world for its ruggedness and versatility. Built to endure the most adverse road conditions, these iconic sidecar motorcycles go further - they go where the roads end. The flagship Gear Up model equipped with engageable sidecar drive, however, was only available in countries which drive on the right side of the road. Until now.

Our first unit is available for demo rides. There are many upgrades and customizations that can be requested from the factory, so it's best to come into the shop and discuss the many options with Mark.

This model is the 2WD in Terracotta Metallic Satin custom paint with black power train. I also plan to add the offroad package.

Standard Accessories:

LED Sidecar Fog Lights
Sidecar Power Outlet
Sidecar Tonneau Cover
Jerry Can
Folding Utility Shovel
Luggage Rack
Universal Spare Wheel - Fits All 3 Positions

For more information head to the Ural Australia website

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